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Viva con Agua

Water for all, all for water


Our ultimate goal is clean drinking water for all. Through various projects around the world, we work to provide people with a sustainable and secure supply of clean water.

What drives Viva con Agua

At Viva con Agua, water is the pivot of our work. Even though our work primarily involves implementing water and sanitation projects, we are convinced that water is a global issue. Environmental protection is synonymous with safeguarding drinking water, which is why we must keep our environment, such as the oceans, in our consciousness.

What Viva con Agua has going on in 2024

In 2024, our focus revolves once again around water, sanitation (toilets), and hygiene, such as in our OneWASH project in Uganda. The OneWASH project adopts a holistic approach, encompassing hygiene education initiatives, the provision of water and sanitation facilities, as well as emphasizing groundwater conservation and thus ecological sustainability through reforestation, all essential components of the project.

How to become active with the Viva con Agua

At Viva con Agua, all activities revolve around joyful engagement. There are many ways to get involved—providing support at festivals and tours or fundraising at schools. These are just a few of the ways to take action with Viva con Agua to ensure access to clean drinking water.

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