We end waste pollution in our oceans and rivers


We are committed to removing large amounts of plastic from rivers and streams. With our trash collection vessels, we remove tons of garbage from waterways all over the world.

What drives everwave

We owe every other breath to our oceans. Breathing in and breathing out. Life on the blue planet is a cycle in which we are inextricably connected to the sea. Sadly, our oceans are filling up with more and more plastic and garbage which are damaging the ecosystem. The cycle is out of its natural balance, and that's exactly what we want to change! 

What everwave has going on in 2024

We are already working long-term in Cambodia, Thailand and the Balkans. This year, of course, we want to set up more Cleanup locations. But that's not all! A special highlight this year will be our sorting container. Because in order for us to be able to recycle our collected waste, it has to be sorted and a mobile container is the perfect addition.

How to become active with everwave

Tell people about us, follow us on social media, and become part of our wave. We need your support; we can only solve the global trash problem together.

Get informed and take part

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