German Ocean Foundation

Our mission:
From knowing to action


We support and promote research and educational projects that serve to protect the seas. We bring together decision makers from a wide range of sectors to work together for ocean conservation.

What drives the German Ocean Foundation

The ocean gives us every other breath, food and a largely still unknown wealth of biodiversity. Our survival depends on the ocean, so we must treat it with the utmost care. To support ocean conservation and sustainability, stakeholders from a wide array of industries and sectors must pull together. This is where the foundation contributes; its key role is to moderate a dialogue on sustainable ocean management between representatives of environmental policy, natural resources, science and education, environmental protection, and culture as well as the shipping, fisheries, tourism, and sports industries.

What the German Ocean Foundation has going on in 2024

We have our focus on several educational projects and research expeditions to oceanic hotspots that urgently need our help.

How to become active with the German Ocean Foundation

You can support our work with a donation, or you are welcome to lend a hand at any timeā€”as a full-time employee or volunteering as part of our dedicated team.

Get informed and take part

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