Volume 9 (2023)

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©Angel Grimaldi

The Power of Activism

// Environmental conservation

Does commitment to environmental protection have an economic benefit? If so, how can it be calculated?

In The Power of Activism, the value of environmental activism is examined from an economic perspective. Three Australian women—Madison Stewart, Alice Forrest, and Jordyn de Boer—aim to promote marine and environmental conservation through a wide variety of projects. Whether it's shark preservation in Indonesia, sustainable tourism in Antarctica, or recyclable cloth bags instead of plastic, Madison, Alice, and Jordyn are challenging the practices that are contributing to climate change. To give their work a numerical dimension, the three activists embark on an exciting journey to translate the financial value of their efforts on the environment with one of Australia’s top actuarial economists—and the results are astonishing.

Film information

Length: 18 min (Ocean Film Tour edit)
Direction: Steven Pasvolsky
With: Madison Stewart, Jordyn de Boer, Alice Forrest, Kirsten Armstrong
Production: 2022, Australia, Michelle Dado-Millynn
Learn more about the project "The Power of Activism"

Website: www.thepowerofactivism.com

©Lia Bardehle

No Limits

// River Surfing

You don't have to go to the ocean to make a surfing film. No Limits proves that. The film dives into the world of standing waves. With its very own aesthetic, No Limits accompanies its talented protagonist Ben Neumann with a perfectly tuned soundtrack and philosophical questions about life and dreams. The 17-year-old's life philosophy is reflected in the film's title. Ben playfully removes supposed obstacles and limits by surfing the Eisbach wave—even though he is blind.  

Film information

Length: 9 min
Direction: Kilian Glassner, Fabian Gruber, Adrian Strohmer, Anna Meck 
With: Ben Neumann, Peter Neumann
Production: 2023, Germany
©Facing Monsters

Facing Monsters

// Big Wave Surf // Portrait

People find many ways to tame their inner demons; Kerby Brown turns to waves—monstrous ones. Surfing gives his life meaning, and for this, he is prepared to risk everything. Kerby's family members watch with concern as he pursues his passion. But his brother Cortney fully supports Kerby, to the extent that he has decided he would rather be there with Kerby in the event of a disaster.

In Facing Monsters, we accompany these two to the southern tip of Australia to a monster wave that no one has ever surfed before, in search for the answers to the questions: Why is big wave surfing essential for Kerby Brown? How does he manage to block out the ever-present danger? And how does he deal with the consequences?

Film information

Length: 25 min (Ocean Film Tour edit)
Direction: Bentley Dean
With: Kerby Brown, Cortney Brown 
Production: 2021, Australia, Beyond West, Red Eye Productions, Veerhuis Pictures 
©Karim Iliya

George & The Whales

// Underwater World

Whaling used to be widespread in the island nation of Tonga. Today, families of humpback whales cavort in the warm waters around the island state in summer. Here, George, who has just started his new job as a whale watching guide, has come to a conclusion. The whale is good!

In George & The Whales, he tells the story of his new love for whales and how diving with the ocean giants has changed his life. This is a film about the incredible peace and power that the ocean and its inhabitants can provide us.

Film information

Length: 8 min
Direction: Nessim Stevenson
With: Siaosi 'George' Tangulu
Production: 2019, Tonga/Lebanon
©Stolen Fish

Stolen Fish

// Environment // Overfishing

Off the coast of Africa's smallest country, Gambia, there are scarcely any fish left in the sea. As fishing is one of the main sources of income in the country, this is a big problem for many Gambians. Making a living from fishing has become difficult since illegal trawlers began draining the fish population off the coast en masse to supply foreign fishmeal factories. Their product is predominantly shipped to China and Europe as animal feed. Despite protests from the Gambian people, business is booming.

Insight into the realities of life for fishermen Paul and Abou as well as fishmonger Mariama come together to form the big picture; Stolen Fish illuminates the history of faltering development in West Africa and the pull of a better life in Europe. 

Film information

Length: 25 min (Ocean Film Tour edit)
Direction: Gosia Juszczak 
With: Abou Saine, Mariama Jatta, Paul John Kamony
Production: 2020, Poland/UK/Spain
©Sweet Adventure

Sweet Adventure

// Surf Adventure

Three surfers—Albee Layer, Nora Vasconcellos, and Matt Meola—spent way too much time on the couch at home during the COVID lockdown. A yearning for the unknown and a new adventure leads them to El Salvador, where they want to chase the best waves as well as get to know the country and its people.

In Sweet Adventure, we tag along with the surfing trio on their journey. With commentary by U.S. sports presenter legend Selema Masekela and an engaging soundtrack, we are reminded that now is the time to throw ourselves into adventure and start pursuing those unforgettable moments once again.

Film information

Length: 35 min (Ocean Film Tour edit)
Direction: Peter Hamblin
With: Albee Layer, Nora Vasconcellos, Matt Meola, Selema Masekela
Production: 2022, Great Britain, Hamblin Ltd in association with Brouddys Films