Volume 3 (2016)

The films

©Karen Christensen

The Other Shore

The Diana Nyad Story

Diana Nyad made history in 2013, becoming the first to complete the dangerous non-stop swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. The film tracks the legendary swimmer’s lifetime vision and five harrowing attempts at the Cuba to Florida swim as her complex past collides with an obsessive present over a 53-hour feat never before accomplished.

Film information

Length: 52 min
Direction: Timothy Wheeler
With: Diana Nyad
Production: 2013, USA, Doc Life Films
©Sonic Sea

Sonic Sea

Deafening Pollution

We think of the ocean as a quiet place. It isn't. But the noisiest creature in the seven seas aren't whales - it's us humans: Marine vessels, sonic probing and military tests erupt and disrupt every life in the ocean, leading to mass stranding of whales and more. Sonic Sea is about protecting life in our waters from the destructive effects of oceanic noise pollution.

Film information

Length: 22 min (Ocean Film Tour edit)
Direction: Daniel Hinerfeld
©Domenic Mosquiera

View from a Blue Moon

Hawaii: The ultimate surfer’s paradise and John Florence’s birthplace – in other words the perfect playground to become a champion of the waves. Now John teams up with his closest friends and fellow surfers to discover the world’s best surf spots. From the South Pacific to South Africa - John manages to steal away from the competition of surfing time after time to rediscover surfing in its purest form. Incredible rides paired with action shots in 4K quality make View From A Blue Moon the best surf movie of the season.

Film information

Length: 12 min
Direction: John Florence, Blake Kueny
With: John Florence
Production: 2015, USA, Brain Farm Productions
©Chris Carey / Red Bull Content Pool

My Own Private Monster

Windsurfing off the Tasmanian coast

The pitch-black sea, 26 kilometers off the Tasmanian coast, forms a wall of water – the Pedra Branca rocks cause massive, powerful swells. Never before have wind surfers even attempted to surf here. One wipeout and serious injuries would almost certainly be the consequence. Still, Alastair McLeod wants to take the risk. We follow the exceptional windsurfer on his mission to tame „his own private monster“.

Film information

Length: 20 min
Direction: George Opadchy
With: Alastair McLeod
Production: 2015, Australia, Red Bull Media House
©The Edge

The Edge

A sharklover's guide to the sea

Sharks have fascinated both Joe Romeiro and Bill Fisher since childhood. They each learned to dive as a tool to experience the power and mystery of sharks first hand. After meeting on a shark diving expedition, they teamed up to produce films that help aid in the conservation of sharks and the marine environment. They want to use their experiences to help show others that many species of sharks are threatened, and some even face extinction. Joe and Bill portray sharks the way they see them, as beautiful and awe inspiring creatures that are an important and critical element of our oceans eco-system.

Film information

Length: 5 min
Direction: Carlos Andres Toro
Production: 2015, Steer Films
©Hola Sunshine

Hola Sunshine

Stunning blue skies, wind and waves: On a last minute trip Leila travels to Salina Cruz, Mexico. A desert-like lanscape meets a desert of water: the Pacific ocean. With its 130 kilometer shoreline this place is one of the greatest spots the young surfer can think of. "This is heaven to me! I live for experiences like this. Traveling, playing in the ocean and creating stories like this", says Leila. HOLA SUNSHINE celebrates the sunny side of life.

Film information

Length: 4 min
Direction: Mike Pagan
With: Leila Hurst
Production: 2015, Mexico, USA, Mike Pagan
©Born to

Born To

Freediving with sharks

Her passion are some of the infamous creatures in the sea: The young marine biologist Ocean Ramsey devotes her life to sharks and founded her own Marine research and conservatory institute. BORN TO shows her unusual and close relationship with the sea and its dwellers.

Film information

Length: 5 min
Direction: Jon Drever
With: Ocean Ramsey
Production: 2015, UK, Grain Media